Social Media Marketing

Marketers have rated social media networking as one of their top marketing tools in the current recession given the potential of this form of marketing to generate substantial publicity and leads with minimal financial outlay.

To help companies effectively use social media sites to market themselves, we now offer social media workshops. We can either (i) come to your company and deliver an “on site” presentation, or (ii) schedule a remote webinar using Webex that allows multiple locations to participate simultaneously.

Presently, our presentations focus on the two most popular social networking tools: LinkedIn and Twitter. Here are some of the topics covered:


  • How to compose an effective profile
  • How to build your “connections”
  • Why you should join groups (or even create your own!)
  • How to monitor “conversations” within your groups
  • How to initiate discussions within your groups
  • How to use “applications” to showcase your work
  • Common ethical issues


  • What is Twitter? (the basics)
  • How to “follow” other people (and get your own followers)
  • Customizing your Twitter profile
  • How to efficiently manage the flow of “tweets”
  • How to search for “conversations” where you can contribute
  • Retweets, hashes and other Twitter jargon
  • Helpful third party Twitter applications you should consider